Network Marketing Education – Empower, Enlighten, Energize

The network marketing industry is ever evolving and it is next to impossible to keep up. When getting back to the basics of education in network marketing you will find that that is the one thing that has not changed since the beginning.

Education empowers us to have the knowledge and tools to do what needs to be done in business and in life. There is no better sense of accomplishment than learning a new idea and immediately implementing it and get results.

Do you remember back when you were a teenager and were all pumped up about getting your driver’s license? Do you remember how bad you wanted it? How you were willing to do anything necessary to make that happen?

You did everything you had to do to make sure that happened. There was a clear goal in mind, the license. And you clearly saw the newfound freedom and independence you would have once you achieved that goal.

You were definitely going to study the “book” so that you would ace the written test. Heck you probably had your friend’s help you study. Going over the rules of the road, what the signs meant and making sure you had the key points to pass that test.

What about driving skills?

If you had a permit first like I did, you most likely drove anyone with a license everywhere they wanted to go. Even if it meant to some boring event that you waited outside for hours for them to be done so you could drive them home. Maybe even a driver education course to add to your arsenal of tools to reach your goal.

No way were you going to fail, right? And all that effort paid off! You passed! Yeah, now remember how that felt, remember what a sense of accomplishment and pride.

I can go on and on with these scenarios of this same story where education helped you reach your goal. But this one remains fresh in my mind today. I am pumped up every time I recall these memories. It gives me that positive inspiration to continue on with my education to achieve the goals I set for myself.

What does energy have to do with education? When you learn new things it feeds your brain. This is a vital necessity to our survival outside of network marketing. I see so many senior citizens deteriorating mentally because they have no stimulus to keep their minds active. Relatives may be non-existent, out of town or just too busy to visit.

The lack of interaction only accelerates the deterioration of the mind. The lack of “learning” also plays a key role in the deterioration. Yes, believe it or not, education for the elderly is the most beneficial form of maintaining mental clarity. Do you realize that when we interact with our elderly relatives they learn from us? Just through conversation! Amazing!

I made the decision to stay home to take care of an 81 year old woman whom I have known since I was a little girl. It was quite evident that her mental state was starting to deteriorate. She can no longer drive due to her eyesight being not very good and she was home 8 – 10 hours a day alone.

I was able to schedule myself off for 5 days so that I could be home with her. This is the positive impact that made in those 5 days: she had minimal memory loss, she was energetic, she was eating regularly and she was thrilled to be doing something, anything but sit there alone all day.

As soon as I went back to work, she was back to the mentally depressed state (not to be confused with depression) which actually seemed to be worse. Now we have a full garden that we tend to, we are trying new recipes for dinner and taking walks or just taking a ride in the car. By keeping her mind active, she has a much better quality of life. Just something to think about when it comes to continuing your education, your mind needs to be supplied with brain food to stay strong and alert. You might be young now (or like me in between) but you still need the energy supply to your brain.

Learning skills in network marketing is no different. It is a necessity to your continued success. This learning process will be an ongoing part of your business. At first, it may be time consuming, but as you continue with your learning skills it becomes a habit that you don’t even realize you are doing on a daily basis.

If you have been in the network marketing industry as long as I have and are still not seeing the growth, it is time to get back to the basics of network marketing. It is time to get the information that you need to have the lifestyle and freedom that you deserve.

Empower yourself to succeed! There is nothing anyone can “tell” you that will give you the “magic” formula, a formula that it is already within YOU.

Arrange Successful Online Leadership Training Courses

Leadership training courses help an organization nurture hidden talents and bring out excellent managerial and implementation skills in leaders. These skills are needed to encourage moral and personal development of their team members. Giant MNCs to small-scale corporate houses keep on organizing such leadership training courses all through the year.

The cost of holding a leadership training course is quite high. An effective way to cut down cost is by using the online class and training management solution. This online solution helps organizations save cost as well as time.

The training management service is completely Cloud based. Hence, managers can access the portal anytime and from anywhere they wish. It has a simple and user-friendly interface for the convenience of technical as well as non-technical persons. This web-based class and training management solution enable training managers to easily create, manage, and track interactive training courses at all levels.

Leaders who want to attend the training session can easily register their names by logging into the site. The event organizers can enjoy the flexibility of customizing the registration pages as and when required.

You do not need to install any hardware or software to start using the online class and training administrative services. It also requires no monthly subscription fee. This online solution can be set up in just a few minutes.

In case you have decided to hold a paid leadership training course, use the Cloud-based training services platform to invite people to come and attend your event. The class/training management services come with a set of integrated modules to help you promote and market your events and activities to a larger audience.

Many of these online training solutions offer connectors that help to upload relevant event-related information on the social networking websites. Facebook has achieved tremendous popularity among both individuals and companies in connecting and interacting with the global citizens. The site has the ability of spreading your message or information to the target audience in no time. Organizations can use this online social medium to arouse interests among people to maximize participation in their upcoming training programs.

The computer-based class/training management service is safe to use. It offers an easy way to manage payments send through credit cards, checks or wire transfer. Organizations are free to purchase the online payment management services along with the training management solution.

The computer-based training management solution also provides some extremely useful tools, such as promotional code engine and others. These tools will enable you to offer special discounts and early bird pricing on particular leadership training courses.

Exam Types That Require High Order Thinking Skills Or HOTS

Quizzes. Long Examinations. Final Papers. Were you thinking of a much better way to challenge your students and tickle their brains a little bit? Well, I have several good ideas on what you should do, where you will demand high order thinking skills from your students, or known as HOTS.

The first time that I heard of the term HOTS was from my high school teacher. This concept was derived from Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives. And as one of the people who had experienced such, believe me, they will make your students, better persons.

HOTS entails analysis, evaluation and creation. It must transcend the common notions of knowing like remembering, understanding and applying. It might sound difficult, but with this article, it will be a lot easier.

Multiple choice is a good start. Even though you will have a 25% chance of landing the correct answer, it is one way for your students to distinguish between a good choice, a better option and the best answer. Other modifications like increasing the number of choices is highly advisable.

My Philosophy teacher used this essay method, where you will weave several ideas all together to create a central, governing thought. It might sound bothering, but I was really challenged with this exam. For this exam type, memorization and familiarization is not enough. You must extrapolate and interpolate to have a better grasp of the said lesson. My classmates were amazed, too!

Finally, this exam type was done by my PE teacher, and also by my brother, who happens to be a teacher. This is the modified true or false, with a mix of multiple choice. In here, he creates several statements, where some of them are faulty, while some are not. I really despise this method, but tell you, if you did not study, you are bound to fail.

What The Best Dental Assistant Schools Should Have

People interested in finding the best dental assistant schools will find colleges and technical schools all across the country who offer this type of training. Various institutions will offer different types of programs, with most of them offering the basic certification program. Some of the best schools are those that offer multiple programs within this field. Some of these schools included are Miller-Motte Technical College, Samford-Brown Institute, and Lincoln College of New England.

Miller-Motte Technical College offers both a diploma and certificate course in dental assisting as well as an Associate degree program. This school has several campuses located throughout the North Carolina area.

The Samford-Brown Institute in Florida also has several campuses located throughout the state and offers a dental assistant program with expanded functions. This program is set up to teach chair side procedures along with the other office administration procedures. They offer traditional campus classes as well as online courses.

The Lincoln College of New England is one of the more prestigious dental assistant schools and is located in Connecticut. It offers a program for people interested in becoming a chair side dental assistant or a dental administrative assistant. This school is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

Administrative positions allow people to expand their career goals to increase their income potential. Most colleges and technical schools will have more than one campus where the program is held, which is helpful when people are looking for a school to attend close to home.

Another alternative for this type of program is to find an accredited college that offers online or distance learning. Distance learning is a form of online learning and is usually offered by accredited colleges to people living within the area where they are located. The reason why they offer their programs this way is to provide more flexibility for students who need to schedule class time around their jobs. Programs that include hands on experience will require the student to either visit the campus for those particular classes, or another similar type of setting.

Some dental assistant schools offering online courses will allow people outside of their immediate area to enroll. In this program, the student will be responsible for completing any lab work or clinical work on their own. This can be done by taking the required course through a local college. This is one reason why it is important to choose programs offered through accredited schools. The credits earned at one institution will be easily transferred to another. This is especially important when combining online courses with required clinical experience.

The tuition fees for dental assistant schools that are accredited can also be paid for by government programs. Government grants and loans for education will only be given to approved schools, so look for the school’s accreditation when searching for online programs. When it comes to choosing the best institution for this type of training, those that offer several different programs and have accreditation, are the best institutions to consider attending.

Songwriters – Do You Want to Write Lyrics That Easily Fit Into A Catchy Melody?

Being music-minded when you’re writing lyrics can prevent them from sounding wordy. Wordy lyrics can negatively affect your melody. For that reason, I want to address how you can write lyrics that can easily being sung in a melody.

The Spoken Rhythm

The rhythm of a line happens as a result of a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables within a phrase. I’ll indicate the unstressed syllables with “ba” and the stressed syllables with “BUM.” For example, the phrase “Lonely and waiting” has this rhythm: BUM ba ba BUM ba. Hear that? The syllables “Lone-” and “Wait-” are stressed in their respective words, while “-ly,” and “-ing” are unstressed in those same words. The word “and” is also unstressed. If you say the phrase out loud, you’ll hear it. The accented syllables are longer, louder and have a higher pitch. That’s what makes them stressed. The combination of stressed and unstressed syllables in the phrase “Lonely and waiting” (or in any phrase) create its natural sonic shape.

If you need to figure out the stresses in a word with more than one syllable, you can usually hear them by sounding them out. For a word with two or more syllables, like “lonely” it’s usually best to listen for the accented syllable, and assume the remainder of the syllables are unaccented.

However, if you need help with this, you can always check a dictionary. It defines which syllables are stressed and which aren’t when you look up a word with more than one syllable. For example, when I look up the word “loving,” I’m presented with this pronunciation: luhv-ing. The stressed syllable is given in bold.

Single syllable words aren’t as easy. Some of them are stressed and some are not. Again, it’s best to listen to them within a phrase to determine which are accented and which aren’t, but if you get stuck you can reference this rule of thumb: Assume single syllable nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are stressed. In other words, words that carry meaning are accented. Other words are not. You won’t find the answer in a dictionary for single syllable words

Writing in Rhythms

As you know, music has a rhythm to it. A lot of times the words and phrases we speak aren’t very rhythmic. But since you know that your music will have a rhythm, you can write your lyrics to a rhythm, even if you don’t have any music yet. If you take this approach, you’ll know that what you’re writing will more easily fit into a song.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say I write two lines of lyric that say this:

Looking out into the sky

The night is so beautiful

If I write those lines out into their rhythmic patterns, I’d end up with this:

LOOK-ing OUT IN-to the SKY

This NIGHT is so BEAU-ti-ful

I highlighting the stressed syllables in bold. We could also take the words out and isolate the patterns:

BUM ba BUM BUM ba ba BUM

ba BUM ba ba BUM ba ba

The first line doesn’t really have a consistent rhythm. It has a strong stress, then a weak stress, then two of each before ending on a strong stress. The second line is better and more organized rhythmically (by having two weak stresses between each strong stress), but it doesn’t match the first line. That’s not a requirement, but it tends to make things easier, depending on how your melody will go.

So things might get a little chaotic when we start to put these lines to music, because their rhythms are random. What if instead we started with a rhythmic pattern, and then matched our words to that pattern. Writing out your stresses first lends itself well to writing catchy melodic motifs.

The rhythm of the second line was pretty good, so let’s stick with that and use it twice. Let’s say we want our lyrics and melody to have this rhythm:

ba BUM ba ba BUM ba ba

ba BUM ba ba BUM ba ba

You can see that looks better already. Now we just have to find words that fit that pattern. We know the second line from our previous example worked, so we’ll keep that. Since we want to stay with the same lyrical idea, we can try a second line that’s something like this:

The sky is so magical

Which rhythmically works out to be:

The SKY is so MAG-i-cal, or

ba BUM ba ba BUM ba ba

Now we have two lines with a good, consistent rhythm that match each other. So we shouldn’t have much of a problem fitting these words to music:

The sky is so magical

The night is so beautiful, or

ba BUM ba ba BUM ba ba

ba BUM ba ba BUM ba ba

You can hear the consistency in these lyrics, just by speaking them aloud. They have a good rhythm and their rhythm is the same from line to line, which will make it pretty easy to put them to a melody.

Last Note

This is an approach you can take whether you have a melody and you want to match your words to the music, or if you’re writing lyrics first, and you want them to be written rhythmically before you even develop your melodies. Either way, this approach will help you organize the stresses of your words to be more rhythmic, and lend themselves to being placed in music. It may be a little trickier to find the right lyrical phrases you’re looking for, but your melodies will drastically benefit from this.

How to Learn a Language by Immersion

How to learn a language by immersion? If you are asking yourself this question, you are in the right place! I’m going to show you a simple step-by-step instruction that will help you do it. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Find a motivation to learn

It’s a very important step! Find a personal reason to study a specific language. Why do you want to learn it? What is your goal? This will help you learn and practice even if you won’t be motivated to do it.

Step 2: Get used to a language

Start learning a language – learn some basic words, phrases, grammar, pronunciation. Get used to its sound by listening to music, watching movies in your target language (with subtitles in your native language) and listening to native speakers. If you are learning a language with a non-Latin alphabet, of course start with learning its alphabet!

Step 3: Immerse yourself

Okay, now as you know all of these basic things, it’s time to immerse yourself! Don’t complain that you don’t have time to learn a new language, because total immersion means living through your target language instead of living through your mother tongue. What can you do?

Note down activities that involve using your native language and consider doing them in your target language. Some simple ideas: watching movies, listening to podcasts, reading articles, reading books, writing in a journal and interacting with other people (for example find a pen pal).

That’s it – three steps to learn a language by immersion. I’m pretty sure that if you follow this instruction, you will learn a new language very quickly. Keep in mind that you should practice a lot – at least 10 hours weekly! Good luck and have fun learning!

Best Forex Training Courses

Forex trading is very complicated to learn, Forex has training courses starting from beginners courses to courses for the man trading for years already. Thankfully, the best Forex training ever is available online now.

In the courses that are presented for free, the foreigner is taught how trading works and all the basic information is supplied on investing their hard earned money in foreign exchange deals. Knowledge is power, so learn all you can about trading and the systems and how they operate before taking the next step.

Remember that these courses are for a wide group of people, and that the different categories will vary, so be on the look out for the right tutorial to fit with the needs you have at this stage. Forex gives a lot of help out there in forms of tutorials also in video format, but if you are more comfortable doing these courses in text format, you can do it that way too as most video courses does have the text feature as well.

Make a good assessment of where you are on the expertise of this trade, having an understanding of what it is you have to learn at this time will make looking for the right course an easier task.

If you found the right course and want to take the step on trading, remember to make the most of the experts you have around you, especially starting out, your contacts and dealer will have a very good idea of what you need at this stage and if they recommend something, make a note on that.

As there are a lot of free tutorials from Forex out there, it is recommended that you should look at these. Some of these courses give demonstrations and a free look at how their system works. It also gives you the feeling of how the courses are presented.

If you want the best Forex training, it is out there and if this is a part of what you have in mind for your future, Forex is a great place to start.

Athletic Careers Reach Far Beyond the Field

Did the Superbowl have you pining for your glory days on the football field? You are probably not alone. With just a small percentage of student athletes making it to the pros, most hang up their cleats after graduation and head to a self-imposed exile in corporate America. But just because you didn’t become the next Brett Favre doesn’t mean you’re out of the game. If sports are your passion, there are plenty of careers that can let you do what you love on the field, on the court, or in the rink every day (and get paid for it).

Career #1: Coach

Coaching allows you to stay involved in your favorite sport and pass your passion on to the next generation. While the coveted professional and college positions are up at the top of the mountain, you can start your climb in middle school, high school, city travel, AAU (Amateur Athletic Union), or prep school leagues. Typically, these coaches teach full-time and coach part-time, so if you’re already a teacher or thinking about becoming a teacher, you’re on your way. In addition to having your teaching certification, most high school coaches need a state coaching and CPR certification.

Career #2: Talent Scout

Do you follow your town’s high school basketball, football or baseball team? Do you know the players, the line up and the stats like the back of your hand? Being a freelance talent scout might be perfect for you. Freelance scouts know their region’s players so well that they’re a valuable asset to college coaches looking for the next all-star running back or center fielder. Talent scouts usually get their start being part-time talent spotters for their specific district or territory.

Career #3: Athletic Trainer

Before professional athletes take the field, they need to be in perfect physical condition. That’s where athletic trainers come in. These sports professionals work with both college and professional athletes to help prevent and treat sports injuries. They also create workout programs based on an athlete’s specific position and needs to optimize their body’s potential.

Career #4: Referee

Have you always wanted to be the one to call the shots? Referees, umpires and sports officials get to be a part of the game by officiating at sporting events. Most often they’ve played the sport, which gives them insider and extensive knowledge into the rules and regulations. They are also licensed to act as an official in a particular sports, as licensing requirements are different for each sport and locality. A great way to get started is to referee at the intramural or recreational level.

Career #5: Sports Journalist

Sports journalists get to watch their favorite sports and get paid for it. What could be better than that? If you’ve got a love of the game and a love for pen and paper (or laptops and Microsoft Word, as the case may be), being a sports journalist could be a great way to integrate sports into your career.

Why College Tuition Rises

When students first begin college, many have the new responsibility of paying their bills. These bills can include car payments, insurance, cell phone payments and also paying for college.

While many of these bills will remain consistent from year to year, this doesn’t hold true for college tuition. With each new school year comes the shock most students feel when they see how much tuition has risen from the previous year. Many are then left wondering not only how they are going to pay the bill, especially if they have to complete an unpaid college internship, but also why college tuition has risen once again.

College tuition increases each year because of many factors. Maybe your university is renovating part of campus or is putting up a new building. If this is the case, part of the cost of these projects are often times passed onto students through activity fees and other tuition fees.

College campuses experience increased upkeep costs from year to year and have to come up with the funds to cover these costs so they can, in turn, charge more for college tuition. It also costs more to attend prestigious universities, so if your university has experienced an increased rank or has switched sporting divisions, there is also a chance that tuition will increase in response to these changes.

There is always an ongoing debate over whether or not college tuition increases too much from year to year. It costs a lot to maintain a university and also to continually improve the facilities and learning venues for students at a university so it is expected that part of these costs will passed on to students by way of tuition increases. So where or not you think tuition increases too much each year, it is probably a good idea to plan ahead and save enough to cover an increase. You should especially plan ahead is you are working an unpaid college internship. You might want to think about getting a part time evening job in addition to the college internship so you won’t come up short for money to cover next year’s tuition bill.

A Coach Patch Work Bag – The Most In-Demand Purse Form?

Bearing in mind all the Coach forms the patch work form has been one of the most renowned. With a mixed array of disorganized patched possibilities the Coach patchwork form has matured into a huge series of styles.

Often believed to be more of a conventional form the patch work styles have evidently appeared underground. Yet this perception is deceiving as Coach patchwork styles have developed into a stylish array of flamboyant patched motifs that fuse well in the modern world.

Coach patch work styles have become associated with an innumerable number of styles including sharp blended denim patched bags, elegant bags consisting of serrated soft leather oblong shapes and modern handbags comprising of erratic mismatched vibrant squares.

What Is The Patterned Patchwork Form Exactly?

The word patterned patchwork is more or less defined as “disjoined motifs” where squares of textile are stitched as one using a muddled design to make a sharp interfusion of pleasing shades and colors. Its contrasting jig-saw of shades often makes it look as if it is just like it is a collection of disguised material.

Conventional utilization of the form was previously in quilting, yet it still wasn’t a long time before it was modified for bags. Coach is just one of many designer brand name bags showing off a variety of patchwork styles.

In olden times the patchwork patterning was composed of basic diamonds that had been trimmed with lineal edges to eventually make a continued pattern that developed into the finished design. Nevertheless, over the years the patch work styles have developed into much more embellished fashion items.

Coach Patterned Patchwork – The Most In-Demand Form?

The Coach patchwork form is regularly believed to be lodged in the outer reaches of current fashion styles. Regardless of this notion is the concrete fact that Coach patch work has developed into one of the most popular bag forms by Coach.

The conventional view that patch work form bags are a stranger to popular fashion circles held back its movement into the media.

This could have resulted in its deep seated popularity. Because Coach patch work has almost never been deemed to be in-fashion, it will never become out of fashion.

An Excellent Coach Patchwork Purse

Coach has been a bag brand that’s aspired to define itself as the fairly priced trendy bag brand. So even though Coach is a lot more affordable compared to a lot of other designer brand name handbags, designer quality is definitely well preserved.

This is noticeable in true Coach patch work bags that rest totally flat and won’t crease up with folds.

If you are aiming to discover a phony Coach bag, crumpling is a fault to watch out for as designer-grade patch work styles won’t pucker.