Melbourne Business Coach

Melbourne business coach – a checklist for choosing the right one for your business

When it comes to choosing a business coach for your Melbourne business there are several things to keep in mind.

It definitely is not a decision you can afford to leave to chance.

Choose the right business coach and you can experience a quantum leap forwards in just about every area of your business – choose the wrong one and you could regret your decision for many years to come.

9 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Melbourne Business Coach

1. FACT: Just Because Someone has Paid Out a Franchise Fee and Attended a Few Training Seminars, Does Not Make Them a Qualified Business Coach. One important question I would want to ask them is have they had a proven track record in running their own business in the real world OUTSIDE of their coaching business?

You would be amazed at how few have.

It is NOT the job of any business coach to sit and hold your hand whilst you go broke but to get in your face and hold you accountable to taking your business to the next level.

2. Do they Understand Internet Marketing? And what you need to do to have a website that sells? also – can they show you top listings in Google and yahoo for their own chosen keywords?

HINT: What words did you look for when you found this article?

You simply cannot afford to ignore the Internet and where it fits into your marketing plan.

NOTE: If your prospective Melbourne business coach cannot show you these basic things, don’t walk – RUN! in the opposite direction. I lost over $50,000 of my own hard-earned dollars in my first 12 months online because I failed to take these simple steps.

3. Testimonials! Can they show you testimonials from satisfied clients? (And I don’t mean just a few) Any coach worth his or her salt will be able to show you glowing words of praise from other satisfied clients. Do not feel bad about asking to see these – remember at the end of the day it is YOUR business that is at stake.

4. Money Back Guarantee. A good business coach should have no qualms about offering a money back guarantee. People like Australian Mindshop coach, Jeff Miles, from the well known are a great example of this.

5. Direct Response Marketing. Does the coach have a thorough understanding of direct response marketing principles? If not, are they likely to waste your hard-earned dollars testing various creative ideas?

NOTE: I don’t know about you but I do not like the idea of letting anyone experiment with my money.

6. Copywriting Skills. Ask the coach what he or she knows about copywriting and ask to see examples of copy that they have written and the results it generated for them and their clients. If they do not write copy, ask them who do they use and recommend and why?

7. Understands Internet Newsletters. Just today I spoke with a business coach who said ‘Ezines don’t work’ (An ezine is an internet newsletter) I was utterly gob smacked. Here was a business coach (someone business owners should look to for help and advice) that basically claimed that Internet marketing did not work.

Perhaps a better admission would have been to say; ‘I do not know how Internet marketing works’

In reality, ezine marketing is one of the most productive and cost-effective ways to get more business that you will ever discover.

Done correctly, marketing with ezines can put much of your follow up on autopilot.

NOTE: If your Melbourne business has a website and your website does not have an ezine, you are leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

8.Video & AudioWhen you as a prospective business coach what you should do about video and audio on your website, they should be able to sit you down and show you numerous examples and explain how you can use streaming media to grow your business.

9. Networks. This last point is VITAL… every good business coach should be able to point you to other quality business professionals – accountants, lawyers, graphic designers. In fact a good coach will want to meet with you AND your accountant on a regular basis.

If they fail to pass this test, you would be better off to keep searching until you find a coach that can.