Career Fairs – Best Place To Bag A Job

These have many takers with fresh graduates and even experienced candidates finding career fairs a great way to search and match their profiles to dream jobs. Yes, that’s ‘jobs’ not ‘job’ since hundreds of companies and head-hunting executives come to these professionally organized career fairs to scout for fresh talent and senior recruitment as well besides getting to meet a wide talent-pool of candidates on one day (or even spread across several) for specialized jobs.

It makes their work of scouting the best brains in the business that much easier as so many qualified candidates register themselves with the organizers of the career fairs to avail the best offers and thus head-hunters get their choice of top talent under one roof! Besides, the stigma of losing a job or changing jobs has long been shrugged off with the new-world opening up to new ways to encourage trade, commerce, personal growth and larger visionary schemes that what was once taken as a sign of being unreliable or disloyal to a company is now regarded as a smart career move i.e. switching gears to stay up with the times!

Also, career fairs offer thousands of good jobs with varying pay scales and perks with each company vying with not one but many rivals to nab the best potential candidates for themselves that employees are spoilt for choice when it comes to considering which offer to actually take up!

Those looking out for a change of scene, a new challenge or opportunities for growth in their chosen profession or even those wanting to try their hand at something completely different find career fairs a great place to begin their job-hunting officially and openly. Besides those searching for a new career, even those stuck in a rut at work and those wondering if they are worth a ‘fatter pay packet’ or ‘a wider job role’ can find out the truth for themselves by visiting the stalls of various companies looking to hire.

No local newspaper with dedicated weekly employment sections can hope to compete with the diverse and wide-ranging job offers that are up for the taking at the annual events the professional career fairs turn out to be; some even have fantastic sponsorships from big companies backing them besides snacks and vending machines to set the mood for free-wheeling interviews in a comfortable atmosphere.

The biggest advantage for candidates looking out for new jobs at career fairs is the vast choice before them from the hundreds of potential business concerns looking out for new people before them and the open choice of checking out each one and applying for different jobs at the same time.

At times, career fairs are held at hotels or exhibition grounds usually reserved for social or cultural events, but sometimes these are also held in large shopping malls. At these types of venues, there may be booths set up by different potential employers who have trained personnel manning the counters to give basic company information and explain job profiles to the interested candidates, especially those companies looking at volume hiring.

Still others may also have executives to process candidate applications and others to conduct onsite interviews, so a lot of time is saved during the hiring process, which is welcomed by candidate and HR alike.