Exam Types That Require High Order Thinking Skills Or HOTS

Quizzes. Long Examinations. Final Papers. Were you thinking of a much better way to challenge your students and tickle their brains a little bit? Well, I have several good ideas on what you should do, where you will demand high order thinking skills from your students, or known as HOTS.

The first time that I heard of the term HOTS was from my high school teacher. This concept was derived from Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives. And as one of the people who had experienced such, believe me, they will make your students, better persons.

HOTS entails analysis, evaluation and creation. It must transcend the common notions of knowing like remembering, understanding and applying. It might sound difficult, but with this article, it will be a lot easier.

Multiple choice is a good start. Even though you will have a 25% chance of landing the correct answer, it is one way for your students to distinguish between a good choice, a better option and the best answer. Other modifications like increasing the number of choices is highly advisable.

My Philosophy teacher used this essay method, where you will weave several ideas all together to create a central, governing thought. It might sound bothering, but I was really challenged with this exam. For this exam type, memorization and familiarization is not enough. You must extrapolate and interpolate to have a better grasp of the said lesson. My classmates were amazed, too!

Finally, this exam type was done by my PE teacher, and also by my brother, who happens to be a teacher. This is the modified true or false, with a mix of multiple choice. In here, he creates several statements, where some of them are faulty, while some are not. I really despise this method, but tell you, if you did not study, you are bound to fail.